Whether it's helping you to keep a good set of books, providing in-depth training on how to use and implement QuickBooks effectively or helping you improve your operational systems that drive the data in your financial systems, we can help you to run your business smoothly. For any business it is critical that the financial reports accurately reflect the health of your business: Which product lines and sales channels are profitable and which are not? Is your product cost accurate? Is your inventory reporting truly showing you what you have on the shelf or do you have too much of one item and not enough of another? Do you know where your inventory is?  

VDM-Consulting provides services that go far beyond what a typical bookkeeper or accountant provides: we help you with solving systemic operational failures that result in poor data being fed into your financial system.

To sum it up, we have the business experience and the QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification to help you with:

•  Maintaining an excellent set of books

•  Customized QuickBooks training

•  Diagnosing and correcting your operational processes that are part of the root-cause of poor financial data



ProAdvisor QuickBooks


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